Linda Roberts, Certified Pilates Instructor

Co-owner, Pilates Fitness Center

In 2007, Linda completed her Comprehensive Pilates Mat and Equipment Training.  Immediately she began to implement the Pilates principles into her therapeutic practice with clients from all walks of life.  As a result, she saw clients experience dramatic and long lasting improvements in their physical and mental health and they were able to enjoy life without pain and dysfunction.  She has been particularly pleased to see her clients implement Pilates as a life long form of exercise. Her experience with clients of all ages and with those who have been diagnosed with lifelong medical conditions has influenced her commitment to sharing Pilates with individuals through all phases of life.  
Linda recognized that many clients wanted a safe environment in which to workout after being discharged from physical therapy.  Therefore, she made the decision to leave the medical clinic and pursue a career as a movement specialist with a Pilates Focus.  At Pilates Fitness Center, she has combined her therapeutic and fitness experience to provide that post-rehab, non-medical workout.
“I find great fulfillment when a client feels the mind/body connection and it helps them to achieve balance in their everyday life. They report feeling better than ever and find themselves enjoying life to its fullest with abundant energy," says Linda. "The creation of Pilates Fitness Center is the realization of a goal to provida an environment  for clients to not only 'get a workout' but learn how to take care of their bodies for a lifetime!"
Linda has a Bachelor's and Master's of physical education with an emphasis in exercise physiology. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Professional and a certified Yoga Intructor.   Linda is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, Oklahoma Physical Therapy Association and the Pilates Method Alliance.  Linda has continued her pilates training through Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Intensive Training and special populations, as well as through Balanced Body Pilates.   She has benn involved in Intensive studies in Anatomy in 3 dimensions, Pre/postnatal exercise, Scoliosis, Knee and Hip Replacement, and Spinal Dysfunction pilates focused exercise.

Kim Jackson, Certified Pilates Instructor
Co-owner, Pilates Fitness Center
Prior to becoming a certified Pilates instructor, Kim practiced Pilates purely because it made her feel better.  Having suffered for several years with neck and shoulder pain, she found that she felt good only on the days she did Pilates.  That experience inspired her to become a certified instructor.

“Pilates truly made a difference in my life, at a time when the quality of my life was being compromised due to pain caused by postural imbalances and overworked muscles," Kim says. "I want to share the benefits of this mind/body practice with everyone, whether they are an athlete who wants to enhance their performance or they’re a business man or woman whose life is being limited due to back pain.”

Having completed more than 300 hours of class instruction, practice teaching and observation, she received her Pilates certification in 2007. Since then, she has continued to enhance her Pilates training via a wide-range of continuing education programs through Balanced Body’s Annual Rehab Conferences and the Pilates Center of Austin. In the spring of 2012 she received her Pfilates certification, a physician-created program for pelvic floor fitness designed to improve bladder/ bowel control, prevent the need for surgery and recover pelvic floor function after childbirth and surgery. Kim is also a member of the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA).

Kim teaches group mat and equipment classes as well as privates, duets and trios.  She has experience developing preventative protocols for healthy clients and extensive experience working with individuals who have injuries or conditions that may limit their abilities.  
Kathy Blum, Certified Pilates Instructor
Kathy is so excited to be a part of Pilates Fitness Center.  She loves sharing her passion for Pilates with her clients. She became involved with Pilates after her daughter was referred by a physical therapist after suffering an injury from dance. Kathy went to the classes with her and was hooked! She took classes five days a week, including private instruction from Pilates Fitness Center co-owner, Kim Jackson.
Kathy received her Pilates mat certification in 2009 from The Physical Mind Institute of New York City. In 2011 she received her equipment certification from the Physical Mind Institute and had the honor of testing out with Joan Breibart President and Co-founder of the Physical Mind Institute. In April 2012 Kathy attended the Pilates on Tour Rehab Summit sponsored by Balanced Body. There she received certification for Pilates and the Golf Swing sponsored by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) as well as certification in Posture Analysis and Correction from the National Posture Institute.
Kathy works with clients of all ages. She started the first "All Men's" Pilates class that has now expanded to more classes. She also does a golf assessment that evaluates the Pilates aspects of the golf swing This allows the client to improve and strengthen the weaknesses of their movement in the swing.
Kathy has a B.S.. in Education. She has always enjoyed teaching and feels that being a Pilates instructor has allowed her to continue her love of teaching in a new and exciting way She enjoys observing her clients'' excitement as they master an exercise overcome a posture issue and feel better after their workout.
Kathy looks forward to a long career in Pilates instruction. She feels she has only reached the "tip of the iceberg" in her pursuit of new knowledge in Pilates that she can share with her clients!
Virginia Geurkink, Certified Pilates Instructor
Virginia has been a fitness enthusiast her entire life and a Fitness Professional for over 25 years. She has been certified and taught classes in aerobics, step, cycling, senior fitness, body sculpting and more. She has worked as a Certified Personal Trainer since 1993. Virginia began her personal Pilates practice desiring to gain range of motion and flexibility after having bilateral hip replacements several years ago. Not only did she see improvements, but she fell in love with the Pilates methods and disciplines. Virginia feels that movement is key and desires for every individual to feel and move to their best ability. Virginia holds a BA from the University of Oklahoma. She received her Pilates mat, reformer, cadillac and chair certifications through Pilates Sports Center of California and maintains her Certified Personal Trainer certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
Hailey Hill, Certified Pilates Instructor
Hailey is planning a very long career as a Pilates instructor having experienced first-hand the tremendous benefits of this work for individuals of all ages, fitness levels and especially for those with postural issues like herself.  At 13, Hailey was diagnosed with scoliosis and since that time she had been seeking a proactive approach to her condition. Her doctor recommended she try Pilates under the instruction of a professional. That's when she began studying with Kim Jackson, co-owner of Pilates Fitness Center. She found Pilates to be exactly what she was looking for to aid in improving her scoliosis and as a supplemental tool to enhance her lifelong passion for training and showing Hunter/Jumper horses. 
Kim approached Hailey about pursuing teacher training after the two had worked together for almost 2 years.  It was the perfect opportunity at the perfect time for Hailey who had become passionate about the Pilates practice and was excited about sharing the amazing method with others. After over 300 hours of classroom learning, practice teaching and observation, she completed her certification through Pilates Sports Center in California. Hailey believes that continuing to learn is the key to being a successful Pilates instructor. She has already pursued specialized training for scoliosis clients having recently attended the Scolio-Pilates Workshop in Houston. She plans to complete the Equestrian Pilates certification in the Fall.
Hailey teaches group mat and equipment classes as well as privates, duos and trios.  She hopes to offer customized Pilates instruction to all clients and has a special interest in working with individuals with scoliosis and equestrians. 
Candice Jones, Certified Pilates Instructor
Since the age of 5 Candice has been involved in dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, and basketball. She enjoys being active and loves movement and exercise. She began her Pilates journey as she studied at the University of Oklahoma taking Pilates as an elective twice a week her senior year. She quickly realized the practice helped reduce the stress from a hectic school schedule. The alleviation of stress and tension mixed with toning and core stabilization made her fall in love with the practice. She was certified in Mat through the Physical Mind Institute in the spring of 2008. She shadowed her OU Pilates instructor after certification to better learn how to manage a class. In 2013, Candice started taking classes at Pilates Fitness Center and received her second Mat certification that year through the Physical Mind Institute. After training to teach the Barre technique used at PFC, she began teaching both Barre and Mat at the studio.


“Pilates is more than just exercise, it is a way of life. The breathing techniques, postural alignments and core strength help people stay active, pain free and healthy throughout their lifetime. Everyone can benefit from Pilates. I am honored and thrilled to teach at Pilates Fitness Center under Kim & Linda. Their knowledge of the practice is remarkable and I’m privileged to learn from them.”



Cierra Smejkal, Certified Pilates Instructor, PMA-CPT
We are so excited to welcome Cierra to the PFC Team!  She's taught Pilates the past 7 years and comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  You're going to love taking her classes.  Cierra is available Tuesdays and Thursdays for both private and group classes.
Watch this spot for more info about Cierra coming soon!
Susan Wilhelm,  STOTT Trained Pilates Instructor
Susan has been a fitness enthusiast all her life and a Fitness Professional for over 25 years. She began her personal Pilates practice in 2013 desiring to gain her strength, range of motion and flexibility back after having an ACL reconstruction.  Pilates has continued to strengthen and improve not just the injury but her overall body. As a result of her personal experience, Susan decided to pursue the study of Pilates and has recently completed the STOTT Instructor Training program for Comprehensive Mat, Reformer, Comprehensive Cadillac, Chair, Barrels as well as Injuries and Special Populations.  Susan previously worked along side a Physical Therapist for over 15 years instructing therapeutic exercise.  She brings to the the studio another pair of well-trained eyes to guide clients through a safe, yet progressive workout.  Susan's other certifications include: Certified Personal Trainer, NASM, and AFAA. Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA. Yoga Fitness, ISSA. Johnny G Certified Spinning Instructor.