Class Descriptions

Non-Equipment Classes
(includes Barre, Pilates Mat, Specialty Non-Eqpt Classes,
Pilates for Athletes and Yoga)
Beginning Pilates Mat

Designed as the initial level for you to begin group classes after your initial 3 private sessions. Participation in this class will provide a great foundation to build upon as you expand your work to include more advanced mat and equipment classes. 

Pilates Mat with Props

Beginners as well as students with Pilates experience will enjoy this mat class that incorporates fun “props” like the Magic Circle, thera-bands and balls to add an extra challenge!

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga seeks to balance the body and free the more subtle spiritual elements of the mind through physical poses (Asanas), breathing techniques (Pranayama) and meditation (Shivasana). Through continued practice of Asanas, you gain flexibility and strength and learn to be more relaxed under stressful situations. Spiritual energy is allowed to flow more freely and some Hatha poses actually massage and tone the internal organs, helping to prevent diseases and bring balance to the body's internal and glandular functions.

Specialty Non-Equipment Classes
Therapeutic Stretch Class

This class is designed to restore normal motion to your body.  So much of our day is spent in one position or in the same pattern of movement without regard to moving through our joints’ full range of motion.  Many overuse issues such as rotator cuff, spine and joint arthritis, tendonitis, cartilage degeneration, and bulging discs are caused by lack of flexibility.  Gentle stretching will assist you in balancing every part of your body for any task at hand.  Specific areas targeted: Neck, Shoulders, Spine, Pelvis, Hips, Knees, Ankles and yes your Feet!  


Pilates for Athletes

Want to improve your game and prevent injury? Pilates principles are used to address the asymmetry and multidirectional stresses many sports place on the body. You’ll develop more core endurance and strength while increasing joint flexibility to give you more power.

Barre Classes

Experience the latest in sculpting and toning at the Ballet Barre! These routines have been fine tuned to deliver the best results based on the best the Barre has to offer. Classes incorporate Pilates mat exercises, light weights and kettle bells to sculpt the arms, mulit-directional balance work as well as tough ab and glute work. Step up to the barre to keep your body changing in the right direction! Classes are appropriate for any gender or fitness level and can be modified for beginners, prenatal clients or clients with injuries.


Equipment Classes
Beginning Combo Class

Each session utilizes a combination of Pilates mat and equipment, including the reformer, Exo-chair and tower.  The variety keeps things interesting and challenging to the body. This class is best suited for those who have had their initial 3 private sessions and some Pilates experience in an equipment class. 

Intermediate/Advanced Combo Class

Classes will introduce more advanced exercises and choreography on the reformer, Exo-chair and tower at a quicker pace. Participants should have a thorough understanding of Pilates principles and prior experience using the equipment. 

Gentle Reformer Class

Group Class designed for the beginner after their intial 3 private sessions yet moves somewhat slower than the "Beginner Class" with several modifications made to accomodate distinct joint restrictions (ie. total joints) and severe spinal conditions (severe stenosis, multiple fusions, osteoporosis etc.)

Beginning Reformer Class

A classical Pilates reformer class, perfect for those who have completed their 3 initial private sessions and have had some mat experience but have little if any experience using the equipment.  This class moves with a steady pace and gives options for modifications to challenge or tone down a specific exercise.

Intermediate/Advanced Reformer 

Designed for the client with significant prior experience on the reformer.  Includes exercises and choreography that are more complex and at a more rapid pace

Beginning Exo-Chair 
Joe’s infamous Wunda Chair has been expanded with the addition of resistance using elastic bands.  This class offers a fun, full body workout seated, standing and even lying on the chair. The chair is great for building core and leg strength as well as improving shoulder stabilization. Exercises incorporate movements that are integral to the functional activities you do every day.  This class is suitable for those who have completed their 3 initial private sessions and have attended several combo equipment classes. 
Intermediate/Advanced Exo-Chair 

Using the most challenging piece of Pilates equipment for building strength, this Exo-Chair class will challenge the body and mind by introducing more advanced exercises and increased resistance when appropriate. Significant previous experience on the Pilates chair required. 

Jump Board and Combo Circuit Classes 

Bring a towel and come prepared to sweat! Pilates principles of posture and stabilization apply as you learn challenging choreography using the jump board on the reformer. Because jumping is performed lying on the reformer, gravity’s stresses to the body are eliminated and there is far less impact on the joints. It’s a great way to get your cardio on!  Jump Board Circuit Classes will incorporate additional Pilates equipment as well as exercises on the mat. Be advised - this is the most advanced reformer class!

Classes currently on the schedule can be found by clicking on Schedule. Classes may differ slightly from these and will change periodically. So, check the schedule frequently or call the studio if you have any questions.