Private Sessions

Private Instruction

One-to-one Pilates instruction is a great way to begin your Pilates practice. In fact, we require beginning clients take a few private sessions before joining a class so they can become acquainted with the Pilates fundamentals, terminology as well as how to get on and off the equipment. For some individuals, private instruction is their preferred method of learning long-term. In this setting, the instructor is able to fine-tune the program to your individual needs and goals.

Private sessions are generally 50 minutes in length and may consist of matwork using a variety of props and the full range of Pilates equipment. 



 Semi-Privates and Trios

Should you and a family member or group of friends desire, semi-privates (2 people) and trios (3 people) can be scheduled with an instructor. This is a great option for those who prefer to limit their class size and composition.