Private Sessions

At Pilates Fitness Center, all new clients are required to take 3 Private Sessions where they experience a posture evaluation, learn the Pilates language/fundamentals and how to the use the equipment safely. After these sessions, the instructor can assist you in finding an appropriate group class. If you are coming to the studio post-injury or rehab, additional private instruction is preferred and may be necessary. One to one sessions offer the maximum level of supervision and the opportunity to focus on your specific needs and goals. Should you and a family member or group of friends desire, private small group sessions can be scheduled on an ongoing basis. This is a great option for those who prefer to limit their class size and composition or those desiring a more customized class.

Call 364-7777


3 Private Sessions for a New Client

$180 (reg. $195)*

Individual Sessions

$65 each

10 packs of Private Sessions

$600 ($60 each)**

Discounted at new client price

Duets $37 per person/per session*

$37 per person/per session*

Package of 10 Private Duet Sessions

$360/per person**

If only one client attends a duet session, the client who attends will be responsible for the full session cost ($74)


$26 per person/per session*

Package of 10 Trio Sessions

$250/per person**

If all three trio clients cannot attend, the remaining client(s) will be responsible for the full session cost ($78)

Call 364-7777 for pricing of small group session 4 persons or greater.

• must be used in one month

** Packages must be used within 4 months

A 12 hour cancellation policy required to avoid being charged for the service