Carrie Foster

The year I started coming to Pilates Fitness Center, I had fallen two times and I realized that my balance and fitness levels were deplorable—and that I needed to do something about it.  When I began with my private lessons I recognized immediately that Pilates was systematically raised  building me to a fitness level that would free me to live life.  I was only hoping for improvement in my balance and tone, which I got.  But I also found I was able to resume my outdoor activities, and I have more stamina and strength.  Over the years I’ve also seen more and more wisdom in the Pilates approach to overall fitness.  The most important thing I have to say particularly about Pilates Fitness Center is that Linda and Kim (the owners) are VERY good at what they do, and they make sure that all of the instructors are also very good.  Due to my demanding work schedule, I take Pilates classes at different times each week, so I’ve had classes with everyone they currently have instructing and love them all!  It does not matter your age or fitness level, if you consistently attend the classes, Pilates Fitness Center will improve your life.