Dr. Carol Anderson

“Five years ago I developed a bulging disk in my low lumbar spine. The pain was excruciating and progressed to the point that it became difficult to perform the most basic activities.  From my first session at PFC, I could tell this was going be effective! After several months of private sessions, I was out of pain completely and I  had returned to performing all daily activities….and more.  I am an advocate of the therapeutic approach to Pilates at PFC for every body at any age.  Every one of my patients could benefit from the practice….especially my pregnant patients who will experience postural changes that often result in back pain  The stretching and strengthening benefits them throughout pregnancy and can make delivery and postpartum recovery much easier.  I have no intention of giving up my Pilates practice and I will continue to make referrals to PFC because of the tremendous confidence I have in their approach.