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Dr. Carol Anderson

“Five years ago I developed a bulging disk in my low lumbar spine. The pain was excruciating and progressed to the point that it became difficult to perform the most basic activities.  From my first session at PFC, I could tell this was going be effective! After several months of private sessions, I was out of […]

Dr. Christopher Paskowski

“Several years ago, I strained my back playing golf. It was the worst pain I had experienced since having appendicitis as a child.  A friend and colleage, suggested I go to Pilates Fitness Center for a Pilates for Golfers class in order to improve my flexibility.  So far, I haven’t had another occurrence of back […]

Dr. Tom Merrill

“I added Pilates to my fitness regimen several years ago to improve my flexibility and to build core strength.  In the process I’ve come to believe that Pilates at Pilates Fitness Center is truly for EVERY BODY in every stage of life.  The physically fit person who already has a fitness regimen doing weights and […]

Dr. Tom Connally

“I started my Pilates journey at PFC in March 2014 after experiencing back pain. I tried Pilates to see if it could help me get back to my regular routine of work, family life and recreation.  It did!  I am back to all my previous activities and my overall physial health has improved. n I […]

Cathy Kelly

“I’m coming up on the 10th anniversary of my first Pilates lesson with Kim. What do I have to show for it?  The first year I grew half an inch – not some mid-life growth spurt, just better spinal support and strength.  Since then, Pilates has given my body the resilience to continue a really […]

Carrie Foster

The year I started coming to Pilates Fitness Center, I had fallen two times and I realized that my balance and fitness levels were deplorable—and that I needed to do something about it.  When I began with my private lessons I recognized immediately that Pilates was systematically raised  building me to a fitness level that […]