Pilates Mat Classes are the foundation from which Joseph Pilates developed his method. These classes take place in a small group setting and challenge participants to use their own body weight as the primary source of resistance. The focus is on performing precise movements originating from the center core of the body. Exercises activate the deepest layers of muscles to stabilize and support the pelvis and spine. As with all the Pilates exercises, modifications are available to insure that every client can be successful. Small props such as balls, bands and the Pilates Arc may be incorporated to offer variety, feedback, additional challenge or support.

Pilates Fitness Center Barre classes have a Pilates focus and, first and foremost, emphasize PROPER FORM and muscle activation so clients see maximum results and AVOID INJURIES that can easily occur performing movements standing, supine and prone at a rapid pace.

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Single Class – $16*

5 Class Pass – $65.00*

10 Class Pass – $130.00*

*Single sessions as well as 5 and 10 Class Passes have a 2 month expiration
12 hour cancellation policy to avoid being charged for the service